Tourist Attractions

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On the south

Douarnenez (12km)

  • Visiting fishing port and the fishing museum.
  • Offshore strolls, marine fishing, sea kayak, scuba diving.
  • Surfing and sailing school.
  • Horse riding school.
  • Bike rental.

Quimper (22km)

  • Visiting old town and the restored cathedral.
  • Henriot houseware factories.
  • Folklore Festival of Cornouaille (in July).
  • Museums, etc.

Audierne (35 km) and Sein island

  • Port of Audierne.
  • Aquashow (aquarium and birds entertainment).

The headland of Raz

  • Mythical rocks, near Audierne, to discover both under the rain as well during a sunny day.
  • The bay of the Dead men, the headland of the Van, the bird sanctuary of Goulien.

Guilvinec (50 km)

  • The most important fishing port of Finistère. Possibility of attending the boats return and the sales in fish directly unloaded from.
  • Lot of possibility of excursions, for example climbing the lighthouse top of Eckmühl in Penmac’h.

Concarneau (50 km)

  • The closed cit with its ramparts and ports.
  • Numerous small ports, beaches and creeks around, one of which, is Pont-Aven, quoted from the painters (Gauguin).

On the North

Plomodiern and Menez-Hom in 7 km distance

  • Fine sand beaches of Kervigen, Pors-ar-Vag and Lestrevet / Pentrez.
  • Sand yacht club in Pentrez.
  • Looking down from Menez-Hom point (330 m), can be seen in 360 °, all the region beauty: defer country, Alder valley, Crozon peninsula, plain of Porzay, Douarnenez bay, Locronan and even Sein island by clear weather.
  • Paragliding and hang gliding club and activities
  • Ideal for the aircraft model making.
  • Gourmet restaurant in the village (2 Michelin stars).

Crozon peninsula (in 30 km)

  • Various excursions can be made in one of the jewels of Finistère, by foot, by car or even in a hitched cart.
  • Among others: Penhir headland and its Heaps of Peas.

Brest (50 km)

  • Océanopolis, one of the biggest aquariums / sea world of France.
  • From the Conquet small port , continue to the magnificent Iles Molène and Ouessant. Could be reached also from Camaret and Brest.

On the East

Châteaulin ( 15 km)

  • Canal navigation from Nantes to Brest.
  • Salmon fishing.
  • Riding school.

Huelgoat (55km)

  • Spectacular enormous granitic blocks in a beautiful forest can be seen.
  • In Carhaix (60 km), exists the festival of the Old Plows, mixing various types of singers and music which attracts every year approximately tens of thousands spectators.

The Armorique Park

  • The regional Natural reserve of Armorique offers numerous possibilities of activities and discoveries connected to the conservation of the nature
    in the wild fram of the Mounts of Arrée.
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