A Little History

A little bit of history

Granny Belard, born in 1921 and her husband (Papi Bélard is his real name) a farmer since a very long time, built their new house in 1954. In August 15 , 1958, at 22H00, their neighbour brought a parisian couple and their 3 toddlers who were desperately looking for a place to stay.

Their name is Mr and Mrs Mathias. Plonevez, geographically ideal location, attract more and more people, but sadly there was not any accomodation at the area to welcome newcomers.

In the house, 3 generations were already living together, there was not enough space, but Granny and Papi Bélard were striving to serve that family and took them for a night stay.

At the end, even though they had been accomodated in an unexpected way, the Mathias stayed for 3 weeks, and if their health permits, they will come every year, during 49 years!!!

Few years after this first client, in 1967, the city major said during a reunion:

‘ Darn! We had enough being complaint by the tourist coming to visit our magnificent area who do not find any place to stay,
our people and most of all, farmers shall rent their free rooms!
After since, the history of Belard bed and breakfast is launched.

In 1971 Gites de France called Granny Belard:

‘ Dear! You should join Gites de France,to make yourself known
In 1972, André , one of their 6 grand children was born. Up until Andre 18 years of age, he passed every summer helping his grandparents at the farm.

In 1977, the ‘old house’ was being restored and welcome, then on, tourists. January 1st , 2010 Granny Belard reached her 88 years of age and merits her right for retirement! By that time,she had made approximately 4200 jars of fruit jams, had received 15000 tourists, had served 60000 breakfasts, and had talked about the weather a lot of time!!!

In 2010, Nancy brought Andre back to his birth place and decided to take over the bed and breakfast

‘Dear, an indonesian in Bélard, this time exotism won over Brittany!!
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